The Multiple You Universe : Sacred Science for the 21st Century

The Multiple You Universe : Sacred Science for the 21st Century


Cassandra Martin was born a mystic and has ventured fearlessly into the world of science to prove a point. Through research she has been able to successfully draw "proving lines" from her sacred experiences to quantum physics, philosophy, and neurology as she illustrates in her book. Mysticism has similarities compared to the experimental results of quantum physics, such as the field of consciousness and sub-atomic unified energy field. Rev. Martin offers you an armchair adventure into the amazing world of mysticism and shows you that humans are not just mind, body and spirit. We are quantum mind, body and emotions, while God, indwelling is pure consciousness. From this shift of perspective readers are invited to accelerate your own spiritual journey using "Sacred Science." Once we open that door we also engage the Conscious Evolution of Humankind; a movement underway that models for us a new way to look at our world, ourselves, and all that exists within time, space, and multiple dimensions. "Sacred Science is the real key to the "theory of everything," says Martin. But it has previously evaded quantum physicists because they lack the experiential knowledge that mystics have; knowing that consciousness is inherent within everything at a level that is beyond what they currently imagine," Cassandra says. Martin introduces you to a scientist who is researching multiple units of time, likely to have remained closed during the big bang.She then introduces you to the concept of an "Eternal Now," which metaphysicians have used to understand the fluidity of time. Reincarnation and other mystic experiences fit harmoniously into this newer version of time. It is flexible and interconnected with multiple dimensions from a mystic's point of view. Her book, The "Multiple You" Universe, gives you a glimpse into what may eventually be proven about life. We are capable of living simultaneously at various levels of awareness, interconnected; part of a greater Oneness of Life. This is just one example of how Rev. Martin experiences the compatibility of Spirituality and Science. The time has come for the old wars between sacred and secular to be over. Towards that goal, her book walks you through modern science, neuroscience, and philosophy, utilizing opinions she has collected from a broad range of knowledgeable authors and experts. Cassandra presents her own theory of consciousness within space-time which she has nicknamed, The God Glue Effect. Everything is written in lay language for your reading convenience. Cassandra Martin is an Independent New Thought Minister. However, she is not heavy handed with her approach to god because she believes that everyone should be free to have their own point of view, without societal consequences which are hateful. Having made an effort not to be disrespectful, and not to preach that you must believe in her vision of god, Cassandra has managed to show us a world that experiences god everywhere in wonder. Martin does not hesitate to tell the facts about religious history when called for, but with a gentle voice. Martin shares a wealth of her experiences, including reincarnation, channeling nonlocal multidimensional conscious entities, and for those of you who are interested in learning more about metaphysics, she clarifies how "energy" can be directed to improve everything in our world. She also gives you suggestions on how you might learn to open to communications with advanced consciousness. "It is my hope that this book inspires you to realize that you have the power to change yourself and the world. I believe we are evolving into an advanced species of humanity, the Quantum Human, which began to consciously evolve during the last thirty years of the 20th century. The time has finally come to find out just how complex and powerful you are, and explore the "multiple you" universe that you cocreate for yourself every day." Contact her at:

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Cassandra Lea Martin
Paperback | 254 pages
152 x 229 x 17mm | 476g
Publication date
19 Jul 2014
Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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